​​All our rugs are entirely hand woven using pure sheep wool in the northern region of Argentina.

The pure wool is spun by spindles , carefully washed, and then coloured using the artisanal dye made with plants, fruit and vegetables. Each item is produced using hand weaving looms which guarantees that every rug is
unique. Also the wool, the conditions of the spinning process, dyeing and weaving are singular and cannot be reproduced from one carpet to another.


Let your creative side run wild by designing your own unique rug!


The options are limitless; from a small rug for a child’s room to a carpet in a hotel lobby or a large living room. We will assist you with realising your design by sketching a blueprint so that you can see it as if it were already woven. 



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Ancestral techniques, a modern style

Design the rug YOU want


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