About us

My fascination with the people of the Andes goes back to my early childhood.


This interest was more firmly focussed in 2004 when I married an Argentinean, thereby prompting my discovery and passion for the culture and textile heritage in Argentina.​


Histoire des Andes was inspired by my many rich encounters with various weaving communities. This project has allowed me to combine three areas of personal interest: social engagement, creation and sustainable development.


I hope you enjoy the site!

Our values

Our rugs and textiles are hand woven in looms by 80 craftsmen from the northern provinces of Argentina. Their craft is produced in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation,  and adheres to Fair Trade standards.


In regions affected by unemployment, de-forestation and severe poverty, peasants, men and women reclaimed the the weaving technique of hand spinning and natural dyeing.


Histoires des Andes’ missions is to:

  • enable the discovery of the richness of Argentine culture;

  • assist Aboriginal communities to preserve their traditions;

  • help provide regular employment and remuneration allowing decent and productive development; and

  • support the revival of traditional practices of community work in the textile art.


Fair trade

“Histoires des Andes” adopts Fair Trade principles, being:


- A fair price paid to the producers

- Products of quality

- An organisational democracy

- Worthy work conditions

- Respect by the environment

- Condemns child labor

- A direct relationship with the producers

- A continuity in the long-term trade relations.